Almaty Marathon is among the few international marathons that are charitable: money received from participants for entry fee go to the charitable purposes.

When we first started, there were only 3 people in the organizing committee of “Almaty Marathon”! Since then, the event has become larger, and our team has increased 6 times.

Project managers, PR specialists, designers, operational managers, an accountant, a volunteer coordinator, a marketer, a driver, an office manager and, of course, a manager - together we are corporate fund «Courage to be first», which organizes the largest marathon in Central Asia and about 20 more sporting events per year.

It is not only a marathon, a half marathon and races, the team also holds an annual cycling race “Tour of World Class Almaty”, the Swim, powerlifting, duathlon and triathlon competitions.


First Almaty marathon was organized in 2012.


Almaty Marathon was included into the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, shortly, AIMS that unites more than 400 marathons and runs from 120 countries.

Almaty Marathon tracks are certified according to the rules of AIMS and IAAF and have category "B".


The certification of the route has been updated and the routes of the marathon and other distances have been changed.


Records of the route and the “Almaty Marathon” as a whole for all 8 years have been set. The record holders are: Zikrillo Mamatkulov (Uzbekistan) 02:28:34 and Alexander Kalanova (Russia) 02:42:44


The tenth anniversary "Almaty Marathon" was held, and there was a track record at a distance of 21.1 km. The record was set by Shokhrukh Davlatov (Uzbekistan) with a time of 01:09:01.


For the first time, Almaty marathon hosted a marathon and race (10 km) Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, new race course records were set. The record holders are Shedrak Koech (Kazakhstan) with a time of 2:21:27 at the 42.2 km distance, Rinas Akhmadeev (Tatarstan) – 1:04:04 and Sardana Trofimova (Kyrgyzstan) – 1:12:49 at the 21.1 km distance.

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